Bookbinding I (coursecode: BB-01-18)

Start: Monday 08 January 2018

To be able to make your own books and learn the basic skills of the craft of bookbinding, you need this course.
In bookbinding it's essential to know how to use your techniques, materials, tools, paper, graindirection and how to do the finishing to make a good book.
You will learn three bindings with single sheets and two bindings with sections, which are a good base to make your own books.

After ten weekly lessons you can continue if you want, doing a follow-up course with new bindings to learn, a box to make and attention for designing your cover.
Basisknowledge of binding is insist for this follow-up course.

date:   start 08 January 2018, 10 lessons
time:   19.45-22.00h
costs:   € 325,- incl. basicmaterials, coffee/tea
number of participants:   six
location:   bindery Wilgenkamp
teacher:   Marja Wilgenkamp
language:   Dutch, English if needed