The architecture of paper: A transformation of material (coursecode: DZ-02-18), sold out

Tuesday 06 & Wednesday 07 March 2018

Guest teacher Dario Zeruto will take you, in this second masterclass we organise this week, to the magical world of foldings:
turning a single sheet of paper into a three-dimensional object, the architecture of paper.
Dario uses paper as a medium to make objects, installations or small editions.
The geometric patterns you get by folding paper are needed to create the objects in which ritme and repetition are a important part of the design.
You will experiment with different folding techniques to finally design and create your own sculpture.

date:   Tuesday 06 & Wednesday 07 March 2018
time:   10.00-16.00h
costs:   € 275,- incl. coffee/tea, lunch.
number of participants:   six
location:   Bindery Wilgenkamp
guest teacher:   Dario Zeruto (CU)
language:   English with translation if needed