Book repair (coursecode: BH-01-18), 3 places left

Start: Tuesday evening 09 January 2018

In this new course you will learn to repair your own books in a responsable and careful way.
Broken covers/ spines, loose pages or broken sewingwork etc.
This course we will work on books with paper or cloth covers.
Participant use their own books and with the group we will determinate the damage on the books.
Then the books with their special problem and the manipulation needed will be discussed with the group.

The books will be repaired in a careful and responsable way during the lessons.
Information will be shared so we will learn from eachothers bookrepairs.

Only for participants who followed a bookbindingcourse for beginners.

date:   start Tuesday 09 January 2018, 10 lessons
time:   19.45-22.00h
costs:   € 325,- incl. coffe/tea, basicmaterials
number of participants:   minimaal four, maximal six
location:   bindery Wilgenkamp
teacher:   Marja Wilgenkamp