Binders’s Wallet ( coursecode: LS-01-24)


The binder’s wallet is inspired by the wallets fly fishermen use to protect and carry their hooks, flies, lines and other ephemera.

The originals come in various forms but typically have parchment pages arranged into pockets with central leaves of thick felt.

They can be covered in leather or canvas and have further pockets on the inner cover. They are held together with a buckled strap or metal fastener.

The books made in this workshop incorporate three methods of page attachment, all with no sewing.

The leaves are made from strong non-woven polyester and wrapped in beautiful hide.

They are adapted to hold the smaller items of a binder’s basic kit and can easily be carried in the hand.

Lori wrote an article for The New Bookbinder, vol. 40, 2020, about the history of fly fishing wallets and her adaptations for use by binders.​

N.B. Sewing machines are required for the class so please bring your own.

No fishing experience required.

Date:Friday 12 & Saturday 13 April 2024
Costs:€ 315,-, incl. coffee/tea and lunch
Number of participants:Six
Availability:1 place left
Organisation:Bindery Wilgenkamp, Blokker, The Netherlands
Guest teacher:Lori Sauer (UK)
Language:English, Dutch translation if needed