Single books and small editions

Whatever your needs, whether you require the binding of a single book or small edition, your book project will come out specifically tailored for you.

Following close consultation, we will work with you to ensure the book will be designed according to your own ideas and taste.

If you wish to print the book yourself come and see us beforehand to get an idea of binding possibilities.

This will positively affect the way in which the book is eventually printed.

Baby’s photo album
Oriental binding
Paper with added decoration
Detail bookcover
A family history
Half cloth cover with decorated paper, endpapers of the same paper, photo inlay
Layout: Kieke Schaaper
Commisssioned by De
Edition: 50
Wedding album, protected in a felt slipcover
Commissioned by photographer Jeroen Otto –
Felt and linen
Commissioned by Floortje Dessing for the opening of Nukuhiva, conceptstore in Amsterdam
Small photo album for children pictures
Japanese binding with ribbon closure coming out of the spine
Commission by a photographer
Flexible cover of handpainted leather
Longstitch binding, handmade button closure
Detail of the spine of the Longstitch binding
Japanese binding with different etchings on every book
Grey hardboard and Ingres paper
Commissioned by Hannah Kockx –
Selected for Mooi Marginaal 2008-2009 –
Edition: 30
Detail of spine Tegenlicht
Een inleiding in de filosofie van de troost
A book of e-mail correspondence
Bound in cloth with a paper dust jacket
Layout: Kieke Schaaper
Edition: 35
Thesis for Graphic Art student
Japanese binding covered with kraft paper
Closed with soft drink caps
Open caps so you can open the book and read the content
Album Amicorum for teacher primary school
Spine decoration inspired by piano keys
Album amicorum voor teacher primary school in flexible slipcase
Cloth and paper
Art pictures on A3+ size
Cloth, acidfree cardboard, rib board
Commissioned by the artist
Spine detail
Leporello A3+ size
Cloth, acidfree cardboard, rib board
Commissioned by the artist
A set of three books for thesis student Design
Zaansch bord with embroidery and yellow closing strips
Concertina with double pages, spine detail
Thesis for photographer
Coptic binding with blackboard covers and inlay with picture
Sewing in two colours
SKOR codex
Sewn board binding
Black paper
Edition: 8
Block book with little etchings
Made for Linopress
Edition: 14
Japanese binding
Grey hardboard and Ingres paper
In private collection
Edition: 22 sets of three books
Shantung, a poem by Jo Gisekin
Single folio, sewn on a stub
Doupion silk with a Japanese paper collage
Memorial book World War II
Simplified binding
Black cloth and paper
Commissioned by Linopers
Edition: 15
Paper case binding
Commissioned by Linopers
Selected for Mooi Marginaal 2006-2007 –
Edition: 25
Flexible leather cover with red leather details, Longstitch-binding
Guest book
Perspex cover, book sewn on stubs, laser ingraved logo
Commissioned by Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier
Spine detail perspex cover for Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier
Detail perspex spine