Box making is another skill of the bookbinder.

For nearly every book or object a matching box, slipcase or other type of protection is available.

Boxes can be made to:

  • preserve or transport a new book
  • hold photos to create a combination of the album and the box
  • preserve old and antiquarian books or important documents such as diplomas
  • protect single sheets of paper such as sketches, etchings, (children’s) drawings or engravings,
  • enhance and compliment a design binding.
Presentation box
Contains two tailor-made binders for a graduation project
The design on the box is made by the student herself
Inside of the presenation box
Box that opens flat and can be closed becuase of the magnets in the walls
The box contains an artwork by Carine Weve ‘ Colours of the Alphabet’ and holds 27 leporello’s made by the artist
Home made painted tyvek, printed paper, slots with perspex ‘walls’ to hold every leporello on it’s place
In private collection
Japanese box
Japanese cloth with handmade Japanese closures
Book with Haiku’s in Japanese box
Paper bookcover designed by Hannah Kockx
Solanderbox for portofolio of a photographer
Cloth, museumboard
Photo Marieke van den Dorpel
Book for photographer in solander box
Photo Marieke van den Dorpel
Box for miniature book
All in Cave paper
In private collection
Box for a book in Pianel binding ( a binding developed by Benjamin Elbel)
All in paper
In private collection
Box with separate lid
Tailor made for three boxes for books made by Maaike van der Meulen
All in paper
In private collection
Without lid with three boxes
With two boxes
With one box
Big solander box for four conservation boxes
Every box has a tailor made inlay inside for the book
Japanese cloth in two colours
In private collection
Het Boek Uitvergroot ( published by Boekbehoud)
Box with flap on front- and top 
The little flap on the top has the same colours as the books
Every book has a slipcase inside the box
Longstitch binding with flexible spine
In private collection
Slipcase for three thesis books
Front with cliche print
Cloth and paper
Three slipcases with elastic closure
Content: single pictures of paintings made by the artist Boxie who painted the slipcases afterwards
Zaansch bord
Photo Vivian Oei
Limited edition: 3
The single pictures are held by a chemise to push them into the slipcase
Photo Vivian Oei
Minimal painting on the closing flap made by Boxie a
Photo Vivian Oei
Backside of the slipcase, painted by Boxie
Photo Vivian Oei
Box with hinge
Paper painted by Hannah Kockx
Japanese box for graduation photographer
Size A3
Japanese cloth with handmade Japanese closures
Box for photo books
Basic is a wooden frame
Soft closures of Zaansch bord
Photo Simone Huong
Frontside box with softcover of Zaansch bord and integrated closure
Photo Simone Huong

Wooden frame with integrated fexible cover of Zaansch Bord
Photo Simone Huong
Box for Pleasures of Mister Briggs
Cloth and paper
Leather solanderbox for a diary in leather
Leather with onlays, leftovers of the diary cover

Leather diary with home made monotype on the leather
Solanderbox with an lid in two parts made for two pieces of paperart by Miek Vlamings
Two different home made paste papers, lasered form which holds the stone on top of the lid
The two parts of the lid hold the stone a bit out of balance which is done on purpose
Private collection
Solanderbox opened.
Visible is the recess in the box lid for the stone in the paper artwork.
And the extra support in the box part to place this paperartwork

Box for a book of 1744
All in paper
Open solanderbox
When open, the open walls of the box show the old paper edges
Solander box
Own paste paper, cloth, paper