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Name Bindery Wilgenkamp Address Binnenplaats 40, 1695 JJ Blokker (Municipality of Hoorn) Telephone +31 (0) 229 236 658     +31 (0) 6 212 77 624 Email Chamber of Commerce 36039522 RSS Feed See RSS Feed Plan your route Click HERE for the route to our address Important notice! If you want to enrol for one of the binding classes,

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I De Althaea Pers Hannah Kockx Linopers   Gemeente Hoorn Koninklijke Bibliotheek H. Hollands Noorderkwartier Drukkerij Van Vliet Drukkerij Klaassen Sprint Print Gemeente Stede Broec Westfries Archief Ella Reitsma Several book collectors   I do commissions for particular clients,

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