Daniel E. Kelm



Daniel E. Kelm is a book artist who enjoys expanding the concept of the book.

He is known for his innovative structures as well as his traditional work.

His expression as an artist emerges from the integration of work in science and the arts. Alchemy is a common theme in his book work.

Before Daniel began his career in the book arts he received formal training in chemistry and taught at the University of Minnesota.

He is known for his extensive knowledge of materials.

Kelm’s experience with bookbinding began in 1978 with employment in the first of several production studios where he learned progressively more specialized traditional techniques.

In 1983 he opened his own studio in Easthampton, MA, U.S.A., called The Wide Awake Garage, where he designs and produces artist’s books, interpretive fine bindings, and book sculptures.

He invented a style of bookbinding called “wire edge binding” in the mid-1980’s in order to explore the nature of the book as articulated sculpture.

Daniel Kelm did a Meet & Greet in 2016 in cooperation with Elbel Libro.
We hope to get him here for a master class in the future but because of all the Covid problems till the first months of 2022 we had to cancel the one for 2022.

More information: Danielkelm.com

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