Dario Zeruto



Dario Zeruto, Havana (Cuba) in 1965. I live in Barcelona, Spain.

Being a mechanical engineer by profession I may still struggle with conceptualizing what I do within the parameters of contemporary art and design. I work with paper as an expressive medium, taking about the book object as fundamental reference in any of their meanings whether as a single object, or small editions and installations.

I am a self-taught, with reference in the Bauhaus and conceptual art of the 60s and 70s. By using geometry as a language, I reach the volume as a result of crossing textile techniques, binding and folding paper, being the manual component development a fundamental part of the process. So that, it is precisely the work process which constitutes the means of expression through the repetition of gesture, as mathematical component remaining embodied in the works.

Parallel to the art process, I have  developed a didactic work for public and private institutions in Spain, Italy and Switzerland, specially related to the use of the paper fold as an element  of creation and design, always from the commitment to the idea of learning by exploring and from the sensibility to material.

Birgit Skiold Prize 2014 in London Art Book Fair for the book “42 ° 30’22”N, 1 ° 16’28”E”.

The book became part of the National Art Library Collections, Victoria & Albert Museum.

Dario Zeruto was our guest teacher two times in 2018 and in 2019 and gives a new master class in March 2023.

More information: Dariozeruto.com

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