Frequently Asked Questions


What are the costs of binding a book?

Our custom-made service means we can only determine a price once the project is discussed. Cost depends on your choice of materials, binding method and additional processing. Please come in to see us and we will gladly talk through your needs and give you an estimate.

I want to print a book, what should I keep in mind?

In order to leardn about the information needed before printing, please come visit the bindery. Together we can decide what binding method, format, material, and type of paper you wish to use. Once you are aware of the specifications, you can continue to the print service.

If you already have the content but are unable to do the layout, our inhouse designer can provide this service.

Why is the paper’s grain so important?

The paper grain of the printed pages should be parallel to the bound edge of the book. This enables the book to open smoothly and the pages to turn properly. It also prevents the bound edge from becoming bulky and cockled.

The correct use of the paper’s grain is crucial for a good end product, this also applies to single sheets and folders.

My book is damaged, can you repair it?

You will need to bring your book to us so that we can determine the nature of the damage. We can then provide you with information for the necessary treatment of the book and advise you how best to achieve it.

We provide this service free of charge.

What are the costs of repairing my book?

We can give you an estimate after assessing the damage to the book.