Hedi Kyle



Hedi Kyle had a big influence in the developping of contemporary bookbinding since end 1970’s.

As bookconservator she developped a lot of innovative and onconventional structures for designing, fabricating and a different way in looking to books as a piece of ‘architecture’.

Her extensive knowledge of historical bookstructures is visible in all of her books, using her technical knowledge to create a unique vision.

Using quality materials, she also re-uses lost and found materials and transform them completely in her own way.

Her work is seen all over the internet and in a lot of books. We know a lot of her structures like Flagbook, Fishbonebook, Accordionbook, Blizzardbook, to name a few.

Because of her lessons for many years in Ox-Bow, Michican and her workshop all over the USA, her students copied and spread her work all over the world.

A lot of people are using het structures without knowing it was developped by Hedi.

In 2018 a fantastic book about her work is published: The art of the fold. Recommenden for everyone who loves her way of making books.

Hedi Kyle was our guest teacher in 2016 in cooperation with Elbel Libro.

More information: Wikipedia.org

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