The Hedi Kyle Candy Box ( coursecode:HK-01-23), 4 places free

Summer 2023

Stub Binding (coursecode: SB-01-22)

Thursday 17 & Saturday 19 November 2022

Loop Stitch Binding (coursecode: VS-01-22), full

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Friday 14 t/m Sunday 16 October 2022

The folding box (coursecode: KL-01-22), full

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Thursday 26 t/m Saturday 28 May 2022

Daniel Kelm, Wire-edge binding (coursecode: DK-01-22), 3 places free

Friday 22 t/m Sunday 24 April 2022

Fold and cut as tapestry technique (coursecode: DZ-01-21), 1 place left

Thursday 10 t/m Saturday 12 March 2022

The Pixel binding (coursecode: PB-01-22), full

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Friday 04 & Saturday 05 February 2022

Paperextravaganza (coursecode: SB-01-21), 1 place left
This master class will be online!!

 4 Thursday evenings from 19.30-22.00h,  start 11 November

Pop-up book VII (course code: PJ-01-21), full

NB: This masterclass will be online.
Our experience with this way of distance- teaching is very good by now.

Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 October 2021


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