PaperClinic (coursecode: PC-01-18), 6 places open

Saturday 15 September 2018

Guest teacher Marchelma van Breugel of SNPR [the platform for paper restoration & conservation] will teach a very interesting workshop Paper Clinic at our bindery..

The PaperClinic navigates you through the overwhelming amount of choices and opens a professional perspective on the features of paper as a material for binders and printers,  allowing you intimate access and insight to research tools.

How does one make the best decisions when choosing a paper?

Being set up as a joyful and reliable material exploration, the PaperClinic will expand on any professional knowledge related to paper.
The participants experiment together with thirty paper features in thirty boxes, step by step about all the things you need to know when you use and choose paper.
Paper samples, instruments and associative examples will help you to map and understand the specific characteristics of paper.
It will give you a lot of answers on practical questions you have to deal with while using and choosing paper as a binder or printer, hobbyist of professional, this is a very instructive workshop you should not miss.


date:   Saturday 15 September 2018
time:   13.30-16.30h
costs:   € 85,- incl coffee/tea, cake and materials
number of participants:   eight
location:   Bindery Wilgenkamp. Blokker, The Netherlands
guest teacher:   Marchelma van Breugel
language:   Dutch, English if needed



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