Dos rapporté (coursecode: DR-01-20), few places free

Saturday 12 December 2020

The Dos rapporté is a fantastic and refined structure, developed by Benjamin Elbel.
It was developped before the Tue mouche.
They look a bit the same from the outside but the structure is completely different.
In this structure the spine is made separate and will be attached to the bookcover later.
It gives you the opportunity to play with materials and colours.

A book, bound this way, opens well and has a very nice shape in the back.
Once you learned this structure, you will use it many times.

NB:  workshops needs more time to do in in one day so the working hours are different then other workshops.

NB: during this workshop the Tutorial by Benjamin Elbel will be available with discount.

date:   Saturday 12 December 2020
time:   10.00-17.30h (pay attention: extra long workshop)
costs:   € 110,- incl. coffee/tea, lunch & materials
number of participants:   six
location:   Bookbindery Wilgenkamp, Blokker, The Netherlands
teacher:   Marja Wilgenkamp (Certified Instructor)
language:   Dutch, English if needed



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