Thank you, HEDI KYLE, with permisson, taken from the newsletter from Elbel Libro

Royal Library in The Hague(The Netherlands) buys the first bookcover made with 3d printing.

Text from the website of the Royal Library in The Haque.

Bookbinder Marja Wilgenkamp has bound a book with covers of 3d printing.
The Royal Library bought this hyper modern bookcover for her collection and in this way, they have a library scoop with this 3d printed object.


Sonnet XVIII, bound in paper.

The book, bound in paper, limited edition. The book is offset printed on Hahnemuhle Ingres paper, 90 gram in a edition of 65 books. The content of the book is a collaboration between Marja Wilgenkamp and La Societe Anonyme. The binding of the paper edition was carried out by Elbel Libro to a design by Marja Wilgenkamp.

Teach the teachers, Paul Johnson, 2016

Bindery Wilgenkamp is organising an inspiring workshop Pop-ups on Monday 26 September 2016, in collaboration with Artcenter De Blauwe Schuit in Hoorn,

Miniature books competition 1999

In 1999 a competition miniature bindings was organised by the bookbinding society (now: Stichting Handboekbinden).
The prints were made by publisher Philip Elchers in Groningen.

Panorama Mesdag- bookbinding competition 1996

In 1996 a bookbinding competition was organised by papershop Damen and boxmakingshop Maria Klawer, both then based in The Hague.
Everything in collaboration with museum
Panorama Mesdag.
It was the first competition I joined as starting bookbinder.

SKOR Codex

The SKOR Codex is a printed book which will be sent to different locations on earth in the year 2012.


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