Thank you, HEDI KYLE, with permisson, taken from the newsletter from Elbel Libro

Royal Library in The Hague buys first book with 3D-printed cover

Text by the website of the Royal Library in The Hague.

Bookbinder Marja Wilgenkamp is the first(as we know) who bound a book with covers made by a 3D printer.
The Roayal Library bought this book for their colection  and with this book thay have a scoop in a 3D printed bookcover.


Sonnet XVIII, bound in paper.

The book, bound in paper, limited edition. The book is offset printed on Hahnemuhle Ingres paper, 90 gram in a edition of 65 books. The content of the book is a collaboration between Marja Wilgenkamp and La Societe Anonyme. The binding of the paper edition was carried out by Elbel Libro to a design by Marja Wilgenkamp.


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