Jan Peter Zimmerlich



Jan-Peter Zimmerlich manages his own bookbinding workshop since 20 years and emphasizes the broad spectrum between simple traditional works and valuable exclusive objects.

He prefers to call himself a “technical designer” rather than a “book artist”.

Innovations are a constant challenge for him. He is constantly questioning traditional working manners. He modifies and invents binding techniques and materials to achieve non-adhesive structures.

A main concern of his approach is the function of his books as well as a conservation aspect.
His books get close to book objects, without losing the link to his craft.

He won several prizes at international competitions and presents his innovations in workshops.

Since 2014 he is an active member of „Buch und Form“, a group of swiss professional bookbinding creators.

Jan Peter Zimmerlich has done a master class here in 2018 and in 2020 and we hope to get him back again in 2024.

More information: Buchundform.ch

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