Okaeri project 2012

Informatie over dit hartverwarmende project n.a.v. een brief van de bookbindingclub Tokio.Inzending van boekbinderij Wilgenkamp is te zien onder boekbindwerk/vrij werk.

Brief van de bookbindingclub Tokio.

Dear bookbinder friends,

Six months have passed since the big earthquake and the reconstruction is far from finished. We, the members of the Tokyo Bookbinding Club together with Sün Evrard, who is also a member of our association, invite you to create and offer hand-bound photo albums to those who recovered family photographies in the mud and ruins after the tsunami.
We named this event the « OKAERI PROJECT ». This means in japanese that the rescued and restored photographies will be returned to their owners. For those who lost almost everything, the value of a retrieved picture is enormous in itself, the fact that it will be put into an album especially made for them means a step towards  future, a ray of hope.
Once we received the hand-bound albums, we will organise a series of exhibitions, showing our human and artistic solidarity to the earthquake victims.
The collected entry fee (4000 yens minimum) will cover the costs of the restoration of the damaged photographies, the expenses of the exhibitions and the catalogue on CD.

The Entry Form, joined to this e-mail can also be found on our website http://bookbinding.jp/ as well as details about the locations of the exhibitions and dates. The catalogue of the exhibition will be sent to you on a CD.
The size of the albums should not exceed 30 cm x 33 cm and should contain about ten sheets.
The deadline for entries is the 31st of October, 2011.
The albums should arrive to our address not later than the 15th of February, 2012.
Hoping that many of you will join us in this project,

best greetings to you all,
the Tokyo Bookbinding Club
the executive committee of the  « OKAERI PROJECT »

1-4-1-1-1007 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061  JAPAN
Fax +81 3 3796 1069
Contact: engl@bookbinding.jp (Ms. Yoko Ito)
Website: Bookbinding.jp

Meer informatie over de verloop van het project: Okaeriproject.blogspot.com