Pop-up book VIII, online (course code: PJ-01-22)


The 8th masterclass pop-up books with Paul Johnson, for the third time online.

This time we are going to make a Cinderella structure, a kind of fairytail ‘buidling’ that opens and hides a book inside.

Cutting, assembling, decorating and working in your own workspace towards the endresult.

The pop-up will be build out of individual units without folded parts or glue.

The magic is that you can fold and unfold it within a second so the whole book comes alive.

You will make your own unique and personal book.

A must for everyone who loves pop-up books in this very fascinating and clever Paul Johnson technique.

Date:Thursday 06 & Friday 06 October 2022
Costs:€ 245,-, inclusive materials and shipping costs
Number of participants:Six
Availability:Full – You can sign in for the waitinglist.
Organisation:Bindery Wilgenkamp, Blokker, The Netherlands
Guest teacher:Paul Johnson (GB), online
Language:English, Dutch translation if needed