Special bindings



You can devide the craft of bookbinding in regular work and the applied art form.

The applied art form of bookbinding will give the binder the challenge to make a unique design, binding and decoration to make something special. The experiment is a important part in this work.

When you have a commission by a collector or booklover who wants to have a special binding and design for a book it takes time to develop ideas and sometimes new techniques.

3D printed cover, Dirck de Bray’s ‘Kort onderweijs van het boeckenbinden’
Sewn on stubs, Dos Rapporté binding (developed by Benjamin Elbel)
3D printed white plastic, Zaansch bord spine
Design inspired by image of a gravure in the book with tools, here as a ‘kit’
Published by Atelier – Ganzenweide.nl
In the collection of the Royal Library in The Hague and private collection
Limited edition: 4
Detail cover
Detail of spine opening of the 3D printed book
Stub binding and Dos Rapporté
Reynaert de Vos
Sewn on vellum tapes on a vellum wrapper
Wegné wood cover, lasered parts to hold the vellum tapes, own development
In private collection
Box for Reynaert de Vos
Covered with wood veneer
Box for Reynaert de Vos
Covered in wood veneer
Tailor made inlay for cd in the bottom of the box
Meander binding revisited, own development
Cover in paste paper
Titel turned into blocs
Sliding box with lid, envelop for cd
All in paper
In private collection
‘Knitted’ book, first design by me in 2002
Sewn on three ropes
Edition: 1
In 2021 we made a tutorial of this special Knitted Boards Binding together with Benjamin Elbel of Elbel Libro
See: Bookbindingoutofthebox.com
Example Knitted Boards Binding made for the tutorial

Two design bindings for bibliophile edition
Dos rapporté binding as developed by Benjamin Elbel
Buffalo leather, personalised dessin on covers
In private collection
Shakespeare, Sonnet XVIII
Paper version with titel lasered in coveredges
Dos rapporté binding in a special version developed by Benjamin Elbel
This edition is forwarded by Benjamin Elbel, commisioned by bindery Wilgenkamp
In collection of the Royal Library The Hague and private collections
Edition: 65
Detail on the endpapers with lasered edges
Shakespeare, Sonnet XVIII in binary code by Societé Anonyme
Stub binding and longstitch binding
Padoek wood and Ingres paper, titel in lasercutting
Second International Competition Designer Bookbinders
In collection of Royal Libary in The Hague and private collections
Edition: 5
Shakespeare, Sonnet XVIII in Binary code
Coptic binding
Monotype, embroidery, linen ribbons
Photo album, set of two volumes
Sewn on stubs
Photographs are removable and can be displayed as single images
The title is lasered in black hardboard with coloured letter inlays
Paper, leather tapes and grey hardboard
In private collection
Spine detail of Stub Binding
Simplified binding, spine in four parts
Inlayed embroidery on front and backside
Gaze, black yarn
I remember
Extreme Oriëntal binding
Paper and grey hardboard, printing, inlays
Design inspired by the typographics of the book
International Xe F.I.R.A, International forum for artbooks
Organised by ARA Belgica in Brugge – Arabelgica.be
I remember
Soft slip cover of 100% wool felt, International Xe F.I.R.A
International forum for artbooks
Organised by ARA Belgica in Brugge – Arabelgica.be
De Stijl
Star binding in paper
Il Cantico delle Creature by Franciscus of Assisi
Mixed media, paper
Seconda Mostra Internazionale di Rilegatura d’Arte in Italia
Maestro Rilegature
Solander box with closure for Il Cantico delle Creature
Ouverture au monde
Star-binding with photo’s of letterboxes in different countries, sewn on leather tapes
Cover with magnets, bookclosure inpired by an envelope
Participating Délires de Livres
Spine detail Ouverture au monde
Jonge Helden
Jean the Gonet binding
Leather, paper, mixed media
Competition to honour 650 year city of Hoorn
Organised in collaboration with author André Nuyens, the Westfries Museum and Westfries Archive
3e prize
Uit de schaduw
Symplified binding, text underlayed in personal technique
Paper and threads
Initiative by “Mooie Boeken” in collaboration with publisher ‘de Buitenkant’ and Museum Meermanno, The Hague
In private collection
Monotype, closure with leather rope
Open diary, closure is also decoration
Catalog of Mikhail Karasik
Sewn on leather tapes in combination with coptic binding
Leather, paper, carborundum
Design inspired by Karasiks handwriting and colours
Exhibition ‘Karasik’ in Bibliotheca Wittockiana, Brussel
In coöperation with Studio Clavettes:
Edition: 1
Spine detail catalog Mikhail Karasik
On passe à la période?
Paper, museum board
Design inspired by the drawings in the book and used as underlayed reliëf
Bound for the Koopman collection, commissioned by the Royal Library in The Hague
Edition: 1
Decoration cover is inspired by the content
Mille e tre – cinq Lignées
Paper, stitchings
Design inspired by the drawings in the book
Bound for the Koopman collection, commissioned by the Royal Library in The Hague
Chante pour Titine
1990, ex.nr.79/100 by Albert Woda
Mixed media and paper
Design inspired on the first line in the book, the music notes and the girls look
Pointe de Paris, Librairie Blaizot, Parijs, – Librairieblaizot.com
Edition: 1
Mixed media, paper, white 100% felt slipcover
Design inspired by the rain falling down on a window
First International Competition by Designer Bookbinders, Engeland – Designerbookbinders.org.uk
Incline Press Award- Inclinepress.com
Okaeri-project, Japan
Photoalbum sewn on stubs
Leather and paper
Design inspired by the Japanese word for photo, relief under the leather
Collaboration of the members of ARA Belgica and lots of bookbinding societies around the world
With support from Signalo.nl
Edition: 1
More information about the project: Okaeriproject.blogspot.com

214 pictures in 9 leporello’s with passe-partouts on both side
Collage of handmade and nature paper with stitches
Chemise for every leporello with paper label
Wooden box by Jilles, cabinetmaker in Blokker, https://www.jillesmeubelmaker.nl/