Tue-mouche (coursecode: TM-01-23)


The Tue-mouche structure by Benjamin Elbel, a flexible variation of the Dos Rapporté binding.

The Tue-mouche binding uses only paper, thread and a little glue and yet offers all the features of a ‘proper’ binding- protection, accessibility, durability.

A nifty construction, but also an elegant one with its yap edges and discreet exposed sewn hinges, which will apeal to all lovers of construction intelligence and understated beauty.

NB: during this workshop the Tutorial by Benjamin Elbel will be available with discount.

For experienced binders

Date:Saturday 11 March 2023
Time:10.00-17.30h (pay attention: extra long workshop)
Costs:€ 110,- incl. coffee/tea, materials & lunch
Number of participants:Six
Availability:4 places available
Location:Bindery Wilgenkamp, Blokker, The Netherlands
teacher:Marja Wilgenkamp (Certified Instructor)
Language:Dutch, English no problem